[961] Data Scientist

Salary: $2000 - $3000 - Location: Remotely - Full-time


  • Primarily be a self-managing individual contributor. Research and develop new cutting-edge AI algorithms using techniques such as supervised/unsupervised ML, statistical/Bayesian inference etc. to power the AI & Analytics Engine with better, smarter, and more diverse recommendations for the end users;
  • Bring your novel ideas to a production-ready state by implementing them as modules, while adhering to industry standards in coding: quality, maintainability, and in conformance with the overall architecture are of paramount importance;
  • Participate in product-steering sessions in your technical capacity to:
    • Pitch new ideas to improve the product;
    • Respond to user feedback and business requirements by providing the necessary technical directions from a Data Scientist’s perspective, to put items on the product roadmap;
  • Mentor and provide training to graduate-level associate data scientists and interns, motivating them to reach the next level;
  • Participate in the delivery of our product to customers and other customer facing activities;
  • Participate in technical content writing. This may be in the form of product documentation, blog articles highlighting new features and use cases, as and when the need arises;
  • Understand and advocate our long-term vision while working with the management and product teams to define and adapt the same; and
  • Contribute to the evangelization of our product and our culture internally and externally.


Fluency in English both written and spoken

  • Experience with multiple ML/DL frameworks (scikit-learn, Dask, Spark Mllib/ML, XGBoost, LightGBM, TensorFlow, Torch, etc.)
  • Understand the scalability, complexity, memory usage and other performance issues of various algorithms;
  • Ability to write code that can be run in production in at least one of the following languages: Python, R, Scala, Julia, Java, C++, Go.

  • Have expert understanding and more than 3 years of proven R&D experience in at least one ML/AI professional field below:

    - DL framework for modern NLP/NLU

    - Extend supervised and unsupervised ML algorithms to big data scale; 

    - Hyperparameter search and model selection (Bayesian optimization)

    - PU / Active learning; 

    - Time series analysis (classification, prediction and survival analysis)

    - GPU acceleration of ML/DL; 

    - Explainable artificial intelligence; 

    - The application of graph models in artificial intelligence, such as Bayesian networks, Markov random fields, etc. 

    How to Apply

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